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Beboy condoms is an International Brand , launched in India in year 2017. Beboy condoms has currently 8 varient of flavours like Paan, oud, Jasmine, Rose, orange, strawberry, Raat ki raani, and Marigold. All the flavours are natural and extracted from nature that will blow your mind while making love with your partner.

In other special feature about Beboy the brand has different variant of arrangement in terms of texture like dotted,ribbed,contoured, and bulged condoms. Beboy condoms are manufactured using Richter-Hi tech German dipping technology and advanced electronic testing on each condom that is manufactured.

Beboy condom is made from natural rubber and it has Got pre qualification status from WHO (The World health organisation) and UNFPA( The United Nations Population Fund). Beboy condoms offers exciting natural flavour and fragnance of condoms so you can enjoy the pleasure of love making. The lubricant present in Beboy condoms will allow the male organ to perform for the longer duration and couple can enjoy intimacy. Beboy Condoms make you feel natural while having sex and take you to the next level of love making.. It prevent unwanted pregnancy during intercourse and also give protection against HIV or Sexually Transmitted Infection( STI). Beboy Condom care for you and your partner. This Condom should be placed in cool dry place away from sunlight.

About the Company

Beboy condoms are launched in India by Beta Medikit which is an Indian pharmaceutical company in association with SIFFA International DWC LLC, based out of Dubai.

Beta Medikit has an experience of manufacturing contraceptives and healthcare products over a period of 21 years. Whereas, SIFFA is a leading Para-Pharmaceutical Company, with operations in Asia and Middle East. Its Head Office is in Dubai World Central. SIFFA is involved in the development of Antibiotics, Gynaec products, Nutrition and Contraceptives in Dubai

The company has chosen Rakhi Sawant as the brand ambassador of Beboy Condoms, who is mostly surrounded by controversies.  According to Rakhi, Protection is important, and so is pleasure, Condoms take care of both. And Rakhi feels great to be the face of Beboy condoms.

Currently, Beboy condoms are available in four variants

  • Beboy Extra time with Rose Scented Condoms
  • Beboy Natural Feel with Paan Flavoured Condoms
  • Beboy Antique Sense with Oud Scented Condoms
  • Beboy Stimulant with Jasmine Scented Condoms

All the condoms are made out of natural rubber that is Ribbed, Dotted, Contoured and Bulged

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